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Wild Horse Mesa horses land for sale land prices

Wild Horse Mesa Market Summary
land prices, vacant land

Fair Market Sales

Average lot size is 2.5 acres. Check parcel legal description or subdivision plat map for exact lot size and location.

Land prices vary due to many factors that affect market supply and demand. Use this checklist to find a suitable property and location to meet your wants and needs.

Community Features
1. Economy: local, state and national economic growth, major industries/employers, employment rate, household income, population growth, demographics, vacancy rates, foreclosures, new construction
2. Government Policies: local, state and national laws, regulations, policies, land use, taxes, incentives, comprehensive plans, politics
3. Location Features: jurisdiction inside/outside city limits, school district, near water body, flood plain, wetlands, zoning for camping/RV, tiny homes, garden/agricultural/livestock use, other allowable uses
4. Goods and Services: distance to highway, airport, employment, government offices, schools, university, shopping, Walmart, health care, pharmacy, post office, bank, gas, retail services, church, trash pickup/disposal
5. Arts, Entertainment, Recreation, Social Activities: distance to dining, bars, arts, theater, museums, entertainment, community center, sports, parks, hiking/biking trails, lake, river, forest, camping, hunting, fishing, ski resorts

Subdivision and Property Features
6. Subdivision Features: development/building activity, covenants, homeowners association/annual dues, deed restrictions
7. Road access and traffic: main road or side road, paved/dirt/gravel/Jeep, road condition, all-season road access, drive-by traffic volume, truck traffic
8. Scenic Value: view of mountains, lake, stream, forest, valley, city, landmark
9. Security and Safety: nearby police/sheriff/fire/ambulance, fire hydrant, emergency services, neighborhood watch, security cameras, fence, gates, locks, lighting, alarms
10. Utilities: electricity, solar panels, natural gas, propane, firewood, water, well, cistern, water delivery, sewer, septic system
11. Solar and Radio Signal Access: southern exposure for solar panels/satellite TV/internet, line of sight exposure for fixed internet antenna, wind supply for wind turbine
12. Communications: cable TV, phone/cell phone service, internet service, Wi-Fi, two-way radio signal

Lot and Location Details
13. Lot Features: size, shape, dimensions, slope, terrain, elevation, micro-climate, topography, drainage, erosion, subsidence, boundary markers, privacy
14. Lot Improvements: driveway, RV parking, cleared building site, landscaping, fence, gate, shed, lighting
15. Property condition, damages: known/hidden defects or hazards, environmental problems, fire risk, junk, trash, code/land use violations, setbacks, encroachment, other problems
16. Soil composition: sand, clay, loam, organic matter, composition analysis, percolation test, boulders, rocks, minerals
17. Vegetation: grass, weeds, noxious weeds, flowers, brush, evergreens, trees, fruit trees, timber, crops, wildlife habitat
18. Animals: wildlife, predators, birds, insects, pests, endangered species, open-range livestock
19. Environment, Noise, and Nuisances: road traffic, airport traffic, railroad traffic, noisy neighbors, barking dogs, noxious odors, dust, neglected/non-compliant/disruptive neighboring property

Price, Terms and Conditions of Offer
20. Property Listing/Offer: on-site photos, area photos, price, financing terms, closing costs, deed type, warranty, title history, title insurance, insurability, seller reputation
21. Rights Included: water rights, mineral rights, timber rights, hunting rights, grazing rights, leases, Mountain Tract Access rights, easements
22. Add-ons, extras: tax incentives, special/unique/rare situation, historic/Native American/archaeological value, etc.

Generally, sales prices lower than the prices per acre shown below are not fair market sales.
(average price, last 8 sales, for data period ending 12/31/2019)

(west side, down in valley below mesa, along Hwy 159)
Section A $622 per acre, $1555 per 2.5 acres
Section B $1074 per acre, $2685 per 2.5 acres
Section C $1084 per acre, $2709 per 2.5 acres

(west side of mesa)
Section D $1878 per acre, $4694 per 2.5 acres
Section E $2205 per acre, $5512 per 2.5 acres
Section K $3012 per acre, $7529 per 2.5 acres

(east side of mesa, near the lake, west of Section G)
Section F $2966 per acre, $7414 per 2.5 acres

(lakeside, lakeview, or near the lake)
Section G $5451 per acre, $13629 per 2.5 acres

Wild Horse Mesa land prices 2019-12-31

View full-size Wild Horse Mesa Market Report Land Prices 2019-12-31 as a PDF file.

Wild Horse Mesa Market Report logo

2019 Edition, Year-End Data
Market history, retail sales prices, price graphs, fair market sales data since 2003
25 page report

We track all real estate land sales on Wild Horse Mesa.  Our database currently includes many years of market history, all retail Fair Market sales for all sections since January 1, 2003.  Data is separated and grouped by Section number (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, K). Because lot sizes vary, from 1 acre and up, data is adjusted to show price per acre for easy comparison.  Data is plotted on price per acre graphs to easily see price trends, abnormalities, outliers, and frequency of sales.

A retail Fair Market sale is a transaction between an informed, knowledgeable buyer and seller, where both parties know all relevant facts, when neither party is rushed, distressed, pressured, or forced to buy or sell, where there is a reasonable opportunity for research, inspection, professional advice and negotiation, and the agreed price is comparable to other recent Fair Market Value (FMV) transactions involving similar properties in the area.

Retail Fair Market sales do not include transfers between family members, trusts, inheritance, gifts, donations, foreclosures, quick sales, short sales, tax sales, distressed sales, emergency, bankruptcy, overpriced or underpriced outlier sales, anomalies, disasters, condemned property, discount bulk sales, wholesale transactions, and many short-term land flips within 12 months, and land dealer and heir transactions at discount prices. These transactions and outlier sales are excluded from calculations to improve the accuracy of Fair Market Value. If there are sufficient transactions, we also calculate a wholesale market price.

A retail Fair Market buyer is usually a person, couple, family trust or long-term investor, acquiring property for personal or family use, recreation, improvement, building, retirement, or long-term investment, not a business, land flipper, land dealer or wholesaler, buying property for sales inventory, not for personal use or development.

The report lists the parcel number, lot legal description, street address (if any), acreage, section, assessed value, sale date, retail sales price, price per acre, and moving average price trends.

Price Graph 1 shows all fair market sales for Sections A, B and C (west side, down in valley below mesa, along Hwy 159), and the moving average price per acre for the last 8 sales.
Price Graph 2 shows all fair market sales for Sections D, E and K (west side of mesa), and the moving average price per acre for the last 8 sales.
Price Graph 3 shows all fair market sales for Section F (east side of mesa, near the lake, west of Section G), and the moving average price per acre for the last 8 sales.
Price Graph 4 shows all fair market sales for Section G (lakeside, lakeview, or near the lake), and the moving average price per acre for the last 8 sales.

New: The latest version has added a Sales Summary page that shows the number of sales in each section, for each year since 2003. We also added a chart showing the mass appraisal values calculated by the county every two years and explain the problems with the county valuations.

The report also includes the lot census for Wild Horse Mesa, showing the number of vacant lots in each section and lots with addresses.  Lots with addresses generally indicate a home or other building on the property and may also indicate a water well, electric power, or scenic viewpoint of the lake or mountains.

We also include valuable information on lot zoning from the county, Mountain Tract Access, mobile home census, water well depths, reservoir water levels, a subdivision section map, and a driving map.

Customers who purchase the report are also welcome to send email with questions about the report for follow-up support.

Be smart.  Be informed.  Avoid costly mistakes that lose money.  Don’t hope or guess at market prices or information.
Before you buy or sell or determine a market value for property on Wild Horse Mesa, buy our latest market research report to help you make an informed decision.

Our Wild Horse Mesa Market Report is available for $30 $20.
When we receive your payment, we will send you a password by email to open the latest annual Market Report PDF file shown below.
Order processing time may be from 1 to 24 hours on business days, depending on our workload, schedule, and availability.
We have spent many hours gathering, compiling, and analyzing data to produce this valuable market research report.

Buy your copy today!

After purchase, click here: >> WHM Market Report    $30 $20 (password required to open)
128-bit AES encryption, use Acrobat version 7.0 or later PDF reader

Note: The 2020 year-end edition of the Wild Horse Mesa Market Report will be available when we have time to enter all the data for the 2020 sales transactions.  If you purchase the 2019 year-end edition in 2021, you will receive the 2020 year-end edition for free when it is published. 

Wild Horse Mesa Wholesale Market ReportWild Horse Mesa Wholesale Market Report [Coming Soon!]

Below the retail Fair Market Value, there is a separate wholesale market of land dealers and wholesalers who buy properties for inventory and resale.
Lists names of all land dealers, flippers, wholesalers, LLCs, corporations, investors owning two or more properties at Wild Horse Mesa.
Lists locations of land owned by section number.
Lists websites, phone, email information of Top Ten land dealers and wholesalers.
Lists states of land buyers for last 3 years.
Lists the most popular websites where land dealers and wholesalers sell land.
Private landowners can choose to sell land For Sale By Owner in the same marketplaces used by land dealers and wholesalers.
Market researchers can study county records for these land dealers and wholesalers to see which properties they are buying, what wholesale price range they are paying for land, and where their buyers are located.

[Coming Soon!] After purchase, click here: >> Wild Horse Mesa Wholesale Market Report    $20 (password required to open)

Contact Jerry Lucas at for more information.

P.S.  You can also list or find property for sale in our SLV Classified Ads section.
When visiting the area, see our San Luis Valley Camping Directory.

Costilla County Property Valuation Process and valuation protest procedure, article from Costilla County Assessor, April 21, 2011

Costilla County has over 46,000 parcels, with about 36,000 parcels of vacant land.  The Market Approach to Valuation (sales comparison) is used on vacant land and residential property.  Mass Appraisal is used to value parcels every two years, in odd-numbered years, known as re-appraisal years, by analyzing sales within each subdivision.  The normal data sample sales period used is 18 months, ending on June 30th of the even-numbered year. If there are too few sales, the look-back period is extended in 6-month increments to gather more data. For example, 2019 valuations are based on the 18-month sales period from January 1, 2017, thru June 30, 2018. Valuations do not change in even-numbered years, known as intervening years, unless there is a change to the property, such as new construction.

Per Colorado law CRS 39-5-121, Notice of Valuation statements are sent out by May 1st.  You have 30 days to file a protest of the valuation if you believe it is inaccurate.  After review by the assessor, a Notice of Determination will be mailed to you by June 30th.  If you disagree with the Notice of Determination, you may file a protest with the County Board of Equalization (CBOE) by July 15th. If your protest is denied by the CBOE, you can then protest by arbitration, district court, or Board of Assessment Appeals within thirty days of CBOE decision.

Per Colorado law CRS 39-5-121.5, a taxpayer may send a written request to the assessor to receive the comparable data used to determine their actual property value. The assessor may charge a fee for this service and must deliver the data by mail, fax, or email within seven working days of receipt of the fee.