Mesa Land Donation to Ute Indian Tribe

Wild Horse Mesa land donation Ute Indian TribeMesa Land Donation to Ute Indian Tribe

While building and living in a solar cabin, Wild Horse Mesa landowner Rich Snyder discovered a stone ax, rock table, stone fireplaces and other Indian artifacts and construction on his 2.5 acres, purchased for $3,000.

The land near Colorado Highway 159 faces Ute Mountain in New Mexico to the southwest.  After thinking and dreaming about it, he contacted the Ute Indian Tribe in Utah and offered to make a land donation.

In September 2018, he met with Robert Lucero, founder of the tribe’s Ute Land Trust, and turned over the keys to the cabin and donated the deed to the property and a second parcel down the road.

He received thanks for the land donation from the Ute Indian Tribe of Utah.  He was honored at the National Congress of American Indians in Denver, where he was wrapped in a ceremonial blanket and spoke to the crowd.  Later, at the Bear Dance on the Uintah and Ouray Reservation, he received a huge buffalo fur as a gift.

The Denver Post published the story a year later, on September 13, 2019, written by staff writer Andrew Kenney.

Read the story at Land Reparations San Luis Ute Tribe.

Watch the history videos from Rocky Mountain PBS about the Ute Indians in the San Luis Valley, listed on our video page.

Some mesa landowners have found Indian arrowheads on their properties.

The wild horses (mustangs) that roam the area trace their history to the Spanish explorers, soldiers, pioneers, traders, and Ute Indians.

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