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2020-07-05 Added blog post: License Required to Visit CO State Wildlife Areas
2020-02-25 Updated page: FAQ Questions to add research and consulting services PayPal order form
2020-01-09 Optimized WordFence firewall security settings from Basic to Extended Protection, firewall now starts before WP

2019-11-03 Added page: Search Website
2019-10-06 Added news post: Mesa Land Donation to Ute Indian Tribe
2019-10-05 Added news post: Costilla County Receives Grants from USDA
2019-10-04 Added news post: Fire Ban, Costilla County
2019-10-04 Added blog post: Feeding Colorado Wildlife Is Illegal
2019-09-19 Setup Google
2019-08-07 Added news post: Deputy Shot, Jackie Wampler Jr. Arrested
2019-05-13 Added blog post: San Luis Valley Camping Directory
2019-05-08 Install WP 5.2
2019-05-06 Added blog post: Mountain Tract Access Rights on La Sierra
2019-04-05 Added forum topic, WHM: Hunting Information near Wild Horse Mesa
2019-04-05 Added forum topic, SLV: Ute Indian History in Colorado
2019-03-16 Update WHM Market Report, AES-128, Acrobat 7.0, data thru 2018-12-31
2019-01-27 Setup forum: Little Norway Subdivision Forum, Costilla County
2019-01-24 Added blog post: Michael Lobato, Burglary Arrest, Wild Horse Mesa

2018-12-25 Update WP Theme Schema
2018-12-20 Added, updated backlinks for SEO
2018-12-20 Disable discussion pingback, trackback to prevent spam
2018-12-18 Install WP 5.0
2018-12-09 Setup photo gallery 2, San Luis Valley
2018-12-08 Install Envira Gallery plugin, setup photo gallery 1, Wild Horse Mesa
2018-12-07 Upgrade to WP 5.0, remove unused plugins, disable/re-enable SuperCache
2018-12-06 Install Classic Editor plugin, disable Gutenberg
2018-12-05 Setup htaccess redirects old FrontPage WHM Colorado to new WP WHM CO
2018-12-05 Setup page: SLV Events Calendar
2018-12-04 Setup page: SLV News, weather bug
2018-12-03 Tested website, fine tuning
2018-12-02 Setup page: SLV Classified Ads
2018-12-01 Setup page: Webcam Gallery, 16 cameras

2018-11-30 Setup forum: San Luis Valley Business
2018-11-29 Added forum topic, WHM: New Wild Horse Mesa Website
2018-11-29 Setup forums: Wild Horse Mesa, San Luis Valley
2018-11-28 Setup website analytics
2018-11-27 Setup WP SuperCache, enabled cache
2018-11-27 Added blog post: Internet Wi-Fi Cell Phone Information
2018-11-26 Added blog post: SLV Radio TV
2018-11-26 Added pages Webcam Gallery, Photo Gallery, Videos, SLV Web Links, Questions, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Tax Lien Investing
2018-11-25 Setup menus, appearance
2018-11-24 Added pages Wild Horse Mesa, Mesa Blog, Real Estate, SLV Classified Ads, Contact Us,
2018-11-24 Added page Change Log, uploaded image
2018-11-24 Tested website basic functions
2018-11-24 Added website, Setup plugins, Setup security